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Angelic Art Therpay

“Inspire Your Creative Spirit and Empower Your Life”

Faded Shapes

60 mins @ GBP £80

*Conducted Online over Video Chat*


Are you curious about how to connect with the Archangels using art? Are you looking for gentle ways of receiving messages through the Archangels and want to learn how to call on them for support? Would you like to find your own unique way of communicating directly with the Archangels to receive their messages of love and healing? Are you feeling lost, anxious or in fear of world events and need support to make changes in your life with the help of the Archangels? Are you in need of Angelic love, creativity, healing and inspiration? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions please read on …


The Archangels are messengers of the Divine and deliver messages to support and guide us. I have worked with the Archangels for many years and call upon them daily for their guidance and healing. I have found working with the Archangels have enabled me to feel reassured; at peace; loved; empowered; inspired; and supported to releasing my fears and anxiety. They have guided me safely and smoothly to new jobs, homes, countries and relationships. 


Please join me for an individual session of Intuitive Angelic Art Therapy. This is a nurturing, creative practice that is very supportive and inspired! Through meditation, gentle art making/ therapy, oracle card reading and with guidance from the Archangels I will guide you as to how you can connect with the Archangels to receive their messages of love, reassurance, and healing for the highest good of all. 


By connecting to the Archangels you will learn how these Divine beings support us on a daily basis when we ask for their help. Due to law of free will the Angels will only help us when we ask!  Archangels work with us for our healing, well-being, peace and to help us create a joyful life, that is on purpose and magical in ways we can never imagine! 

Intuitive Angelic Art Therapy Is suitable for all levels of creative and therapy practice. Sessions are designed to introduce you to the Angels, Archangels and Art Therapy in a gentle and nurturing practice. Book today or contact me for a FREE Inspired Chat!   These sessions will support you to:

- Connect to your Angels and Archangels.

- Find  direction, purpose and support.

- Learn  how your Angels can support and empower you.

- Inspire your life in all areas including health and wellbeing.

- Achieve relaxation, calm, inner peace, life balance and have fun.

- Soothe your emotions and increase your confidence and self-esteem.

- Learn ways to reduce anxiety, stress, tension, anger, conflict and depression.

For more information see FAQ's 

Click below and Book Today or call me for a FREE 15 min Inspiration Chat! 

Angel CR
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