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Sacred Creative Workshops

“Inspire Your Creative Spirit and Empower Your Life”

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Dates, Times and Workshops To Be Confirmed 

*Conducted Online over Video Chat*


Angelic Art Therapy Workshops

- 4 Weeks - 

I facilitate and inspire small creative nurturing workshops for women. In a gentle, nurturing space I introduce the group to Meditation, Intuitive Art Therapy and Oracle Card Reading with guidance from the Angels. Workshops will support relaxation, calm, playful art making, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing connection to the Angels. Over the 4 weeks you will learn the roles of the main Archangels and using Art Therapy to receive messages of healing, support and self-development from the Archangels. The workshops are supportive and will enable you to feel empowered, gain confidence in art making and increase your connection to the Angels to live a guided life.

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Creative Soul Coaching Workshops

- 4 Weeks -

Workshops will support you, within a group over the 4 weeks to explore gentle ways of connecting to your Soul and Intuitive guidance for living an Inspired and Empowered Life! On a weekly basis I will focus on individual methods / tools for connecting to our Soul. Week 1 - Meditation,  Week 2 - Creative Art Making and Journaling, Week 3 - Oracle Card Reading and Week 4 - Connecting to the Archangels using Art. These sessions will support you to nurture and understand yourself on a deeper level, in your own unique way. 

You do not need to be an artist to participate in these workshops. Workshops will be conducted online over Zoom and will include: 

*  Art-Making, Collage & Pastel Work

*  Meditation and Visualisation

*  Art Therapy and Angel Therapy

*  Oracle Card Readings

*  Connect to your Joy and Play

*  Connect with other like minded individuals

* Please contact me today to register your interest and I will be able to confirm upcoming dates and send you through additional details.

For more information see FAQ's 

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