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My Story

Let Inspiration Be Your Guide


Hello, I’m so happy you have found me!  My joy is to be able to express my feelings through art and feel the sacred connection to the Divine. Then, sharing my inspiration in joyful, connection with others. It is my wish and desire that as I share my sacred and creative voice, I will in turn support and inspire women to connect to their creativity and share their sacred voice too! The journey starts within, and by living in alignment with our hearts and Soul, then inspiration and creativity flows.


Growing up I never felt like I “fitted in”. I found life as a child and adolescent challenging due to my sensitivity. Being in nature and drawing was when I felt comforted. I stayed small and safe and hid behind a mask of pleasing others and trying to fitting in. Today I feel proud as I share my unique, sacred voice in this website. I have found that through my drawing, creative, and Divine practices I am living in alignment with my heart and Soul. As I follow my intuition and guidance my confidence, self worth and love for myself and life has increased. I find myself supported by the Divine as I connect to the right person at the right time and synchronicity flows. 


As a passionate creative, I am based in the UK after living 20 years in Australia. I am a highly experienced Art Therapist, Illustrator, Designer, Intuitive, Angel Therapist, Card Reader and Guide.  My sacred, creative practice has become my medicine for my life. From these experience I passionately share my art, wisdom, practices and ceremony in my sacred work and services. I offer my art for sale and individual creative sessions and workshops.  I utilise art making, therapy, coaching, connection to the Angels and intuitive Soul connection and insight.


My art is inspired by the countries I have lived in, and to my connection to nature and beauty. I love to create magical illustrations of the natural world, flowers, animals and birds around me, and the Divine feminine Goddess in her many faces. I bring my feelings of the Divine into my art. I create using playful pencil drawing, mixed media, watercolour, collage, screen-printing, photography and digital design.


As a professional Designer I have worked internationally for interior design manufacturers - Brinton’s Carpets, as Senior Designer, Sheridan Australia, and Dovedale Fabrics, UK. I have set up in partnership and run the entrepreneurial textile design business Fabric 8 and Rainbow Healing Art. I have loved lecturing at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, on the BA (Hons) Printed Textiles courses and facilitating Master Classes. In addition along teaching at Gloucestershire College of Arts & Technology, UK on the Printed Textile modules.  


I completed my Masters in Art Therapy in 2008 at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, and In 1992 I was awarded my BA (Hons) Degree in Textile Design after studying at Winchester School of Art, UK. My study and life experience has supported my self-expression, personal and spiritual development and increased my confidence, self-esteem and self-worth which I share with you today. 


In my Art Therapy practice I have facilitated many Art Therapy and Angel Therapy sessions for children, families and individuals working at Royal Childrens' Hospital, CAMHS unit and Sunshine Hospital Day Hospice and ANVAM to support self-development and self-expression. As an Intuitive and Energy Healer I am a qualified and experienced Usui Reiki Master, Pellowah Healer Level 3, and Advanced Angel Intuitive and Mediumship (certified by Doreen Virtue).


I invite you to browse my website of sacred services and inspired art for sale.  I look forward to chatting with you soon to support you to take the next small action step to living your creatively, inspired life! 

Frances Elizabeth xx

Qualifications, Training & Events

Master of Art Therapy (2010) - La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy (2008) - La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

Foundations of Communication & Counselling (2005) - Australian College of Natural Medicine, Melbourne, Australia.

BA (Hons) 2:1 Degree in Printed Textiles and Fashion (1992) - Winchester School of Art, UK.

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Printed Textile Design (Merit) (1986) - Somerset College of Arts & Technology, Taunton, UK.

BTEC National Diploma in General Art and Design (1984) - Somerset College of Arts & Technology, Taunton, UK.

Angel Intuitive Advanced course with Doreen Virtue (2006) -Sydney, Australia.

Angel Intuitive course with Doreen Virtue (2003) -Sydney, Australia.

Reiki Masters – Usui Reiki  (2015) - Melbourne, Australia.

Tree Of Life (TOLK) study of Kabbalah (2014- 2017) - Asharni, Melbourne and Torquay, Australia. (TOLK is a structured form of meditation. A method to help shift and expand consciousness using tarot,           astrology, planets, Angels, cycles, mythology, chanting, symbols and colours).

Pellowah - Energy Healing - Level 3 (2014) - Kachina Maan, Melbourne, Australia

Crystal Skull Energy Healing Training - (2015) - Kachina Maan, Melbourne, Australia

The Banksia, (CAMHS) Royal Children’s Hospital - (2009) Art Therapy Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

Maribyrnong Leader Local Newspaper, (2009), “Teens paint their pain”

My Story
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